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In late 2011, after more than 3 years with Atlantic Records, we decided it was time to part ways. In that transition we were fortunate enough to leave with our unreleased full length album, which is no small feat. We spent the next few months looking for other ways to get this music to you, our fans. After a long search, we realized the best way to get you this album was to release it to you directly. That idea, coupled with our passion for our charitable partner, Mocha Club, led us to PledgeMusic. Without a label to fund endeavors, bands have to look elsewhere for help with covering costs such as artwork, duplication, web design and marketing. This is where YOU come in! All pledged income will go toward funding this project, covering all expenses from designs to cd cases to online marketing campaigns. Without you, this record cannot reach it's final stage. Thank you in advance for your support, because we know it has been a long journey so far. We hope you share our excitement for this project and encourage you to spread the news to your friends and family! Thank you and much love!

- Camera Can't Lie

Launching June 1st!

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